With TASKBOSS ™ you have the tool at hand to support and accompany you in your daily work, for yourself, your company and your team . Save time by being able to focus on your tasks.

The feature set in TASKBOSS ™ has a modular structure and can be adapted to your individual requirements. The free tier already offers a solid start with almost all features being available without limits, and allows you to create, manage and track tasks and projects without restriction.

Professional licenses enable collaboration with teams, external partners and customers.

With add-on licenses you can enable advanced features for individual users like the creation of offers and invoices.

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License types
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Tasks and work steps

Tasks, checklists and subtasks

Time tracking

Document your work and lessons learned and know how mush time you spent on tasks


Create custom procedures via Kanban-Boards


Your auto-generated Calendar-ToDo-List based on Appointments and scheduled Tasks


Create organized planning by nesting projects with work breakdown structure


Organize teams of all sizes and join forces to achieve your goals


Integrated WhatsApp replacement


Schedule Appointments, Tasks and Projects

Guest Access

Invite external partners to work on selected Projects


Issue quotes based on Projects


Bill your tracked hours with professional PDF-Invoices


Manage customers and connect them to quotes and invoices


Keep your metrics in focus and track revenue

Powerful finder

Find information depending on the contextual use case


Create whole project trees from scratch by using templates for repeating processes

Synchronized documents

Attach and edit documents directly via TASKBOSS and automatically sync your changes

Color coding

Categorize tasks, projects and appointments with custom colors

Tag your work

Find and time-track based on custom tags

Stunning visualizations

Access your goals and data through intuitive graphical visualisation


Comment tasks and projects for future reference

Continuous Planning

Continuous planning via personal calendar

Gantt charts

Plan your tasks in projects with high precision


Relevance based task prioritization


Manage and document interactions with contacts and customers

Agile Development

Define Sprints, Epics and Storypoints for your projects and tasks


Changes to tasks and projects are saved using revisions in order to provide for an extra security layer

Customer Analytics

Graphical analysis of revenue by Customer

User roles

User roles for permission management and group chat

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