With TASKBOSS ™ you have the tool at hand to support and accompany you in your daily work, for yourself, your company and your team . Save time by being able to focus on your tasks.

The feature set in TASKBOSS ™ has a modular structure and can be adapted to your individual requirements. The basic scope already offers a solid start and allows you to create, manage and track tasks and projects without restriction.

The standard license expands the catalog with collaboration features for teams. These include extended user administration, an expanded review system for tasks and projects, and integrates corporate communication and file management.

You can assign additional features to specific people in your company with an expanding range of add-on modules.


Public Beta

TASKBOSS ™ has reached it’s final test phase.

We are therefore offering you the entire range of currently available functions free of charge for testing until full release. You can access all features from published add-onmodules and use them productively.

Here, in addition to the current feature set, we give you a preview on how far the implementation of individual modules has progressed.

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Organize teams of all sizes and join forces to achieve your goals

Time tracking

Document your work and lessons learned and know how mush time you spent on tasks


Koordiniere Events, Aufgaben und Projekte über die integrierte Übersicht

Rollierende Planung

Plane deine Aufgaben in deinem persönlichen Kalender


Verrechne deine Arbeit mit professionellen PDF-Rechnungen


Lege Angebote und halte dein Team am laufenden über den aktuellen Status


Verwalte Ansprechpartner in Kunden und dokumentiere deine Interaktionen

Powerful finder

Find information depending on the contextual use case


Verwalte Kunden, ordne ihnen Projekte, Rechnungen und Angebote zu

Agile Entwicklung

Definiere Sprints, Epics und Storypoints für deine Projekte und Aufgaben


Create whole project trees from scratch by using templates for repeating processes


Create organized planning by nesting projects with work breakdown structure


Behalte deine Kennzahlen im Blick und lege bei Bedarf Abteilungen an

Attached files

Share files with your team by directly attaching them to tasks and projects


Changes to tasks and projects are saved using revisions in order to provide for an extra security layer

Color coding

Add colors to tasks and projects for better visual recognition

Tag your work

Mark tasks and projects with tags to add contextual relations

Stunning visualizations

Access your goals and data through intuitive graphical visualisation


Erstelle eigene Abläufe und visualisiere Aufgaben entsprechend ihres Status


Attach memos to comment tasks, send memos to colleagues, use memos as messaging or create personal reminders


Let Corp help you prioritize urgent tasks by using a tasks aggregated status

Gantt charts

Plan your tasks in projects with high precision