Basic or Premium?

TASKBOSS is sold in monthly user licenses. You can choose whether you need the free “Basic” license or the “Premium” license.

We recommend the “Premium” license if you want to use TASKBOSS with your team and need more than one active user in the software. You can freely assign the licenses to the users in TASKBOSS, there is no identity link.

In addition, with the “Premium” license, in contrast to the “Basic” license, you can activate add-on modules, such as the sales module.

control panel

And how does it work?

You can add and remove licenses in your account management.

Added licenses are immediately available (ideal for being able to react to changes at short notice). You can assign licenses to your colleagues immediately in the TASKBOSS client and get started. If someone leaves your team, you can simply reduce the required licenses or assign them to someone else.

Billing takes place monthly and canceled licenses expire with the month. So we have no notice periods.