Free Beta

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Welcome to the public beta!

We are proud of TASKBOSS and our current state of development. So we decided to make our product publicly available for free during the public test phase.

During beat test you can use all implemented features of TASKBOSS for free and without limitations, including for commercial purposes. We are of course happy if you find time to share your feedback and help us improve TASKBOSS.

What is a beta test?

What do I get ”free of charge”?

All currently completed features and add-on modules are part of the beta license. This includes collaboration for teams and the Sales add-on.

The beta license covers up to 8 people. Is your team bigger? Let us know and we will find a solution.

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When does the beta test end?

The beat test will be available until end of 2020. We will keep you informed on TASKBOSS in time if you wish.

What is planned after the beta test?

At the end of the beta test, all beta licenses automatically expire. But don’t worry, your data won’t just be lost. If you want to continue using TASKBOSS ™ with your team, you can simply upgrade to a commercial license. Or you can continue to use TASKBOSS ™ free of charge as a single user.

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